Rich Bartle / B.I.G. Production Services

Lighting Systems

Par Cans, Truss, Intelligent Lighting, Rigging, Dimming, Operators,
Full Load Bearing Concert Roof

Lighting, Ballroom, and Stage Photos
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Ballroom Lighting

Elegant Stage Lighting

Lighting Rigs for Festivals

Stage with Lighting Structure

Light Rig

College Campus Festivals

Vertical Truss with Color Changing Lights

Telmundo at Night

Full Lighting Sytems

Ricky Martin and Christine Aguilera

Ricky Martin Video

Custom Gobos

Any Logo

Nighttime Effects

Light Rig at Staples Center

Sushi Bar setup

Gobo design lighing

Custom Visual Effects

Studio Colors at Playboy Mansion

Load Bearing Roof


Pasadena Tournament of Roses party
L.A. Music Awards Photos
at the House Of Blues

Close up of light rig

Slash & Lukather w/ Fender

Slash & Lukather w/Peavey

Rich Bartle & client

Paul Rodgers at House of Blues

Slash & Paul Rodgers Guitarist

Complete fashion show production

Clear Plexiglass runways

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